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Our skin screening services are recommended for all adults:

• With lots of moles or a visually abnormal mole or a new or changing mole,
• With a history of sunburn or sunbed use,
• Who need a second opinion on a mole diagnosis, or
• Who need a suspected mole removed and biopsied.

See and Treat

For those who want regular mole, cyst or other lesion removed, we offer same day treatment by highly qualified skin surgeons to ensure the best cosmetic outcome.

At your consultation, the Consultant will review the mole, discuss the appropriate method of removal (shave or excision) and the procedure costs, recovery, outcomes, meeting your expectations, risks, and complications. In accordance with best practice, we recommend that all samples removed are sent for pathology.

If you wish to go ahead with the procedure, this can usually take place immediately. The consultation and procedure normally take around 30 minutes in total.

The consultation and the procedure fees if you go ahead are in addition to your surgery and set out below.
The procedure fees are a package that includes Consultant and Clinic charges.
Our additional procedure costs are listed below and are only payable if you decide to proceed.

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